Woha! its snow

Whenever i see it i glow

and feels like to catch it and never let it go.

oh! how soft it is?

How anyone can miss this.

How softly it falls,

It never hurts anyone whether it’s big or small.

As we all know white color is for peace,

snow proves it right by falling with an ease.

This is the beauty of our place,

we need not to go anywhere for snow to chase.

Every year the snow comes,

and gives our heart warmth and body goosebumps.

Speciality of Pithoragarh

It is also known as “Mini Kashmir”.

It is naturally landscaped with high Himalayan mountains, snow-capped peaks, passes, valleys, alpine meadows, forests, waterfalls, perennial rivers, glaciers, and springs.

Saryu River

The flora and fauna of the area have rich ecological diversity.

Musk Deer

Pithoragarh has many temples generally situated at the top of the hills, which increases their beauty twice times because from there you can enjoy the scenic view of the city and can enjoy the nature.

You will definitely enjoy the place and will be able to find yourself in these mountains, valleys and peace of mind will be there.